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Virtual Staging AI

You have an empty room or have just used our service, decluttering the room ?
Virtual staging helps present the property in its best light by adding virtual furniture, decor and finishes, which maximizes its visual appeal. This product makes purchasing decisions easier by showing the potential of the space. It also helps create an immersive and engaging experience for online visitors, which is especially important in the context of an online real estate search, where first impressions are crucial.

Low prices

We're cheaper than what most agencies charge for a single image.


No more writing detailed instructions. Simply upload your images, choose the room type and style, and the artificial intelligence will automatically add beautiful, realistic-looking furniture.

Immediate delivery

Thanks to our advanced artificial intelligence, you get your images virtually edited in less than 30 seconds.

Unlimited Revisions

Did you have something different in mind? Instead of having to chat with a designer, get more designs in seconds.

Image samples


We are a small business and currently looking for realtors to help us develop our platform, in exchange for free use of our platform. 

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